Author William McGee tells all about “Attention All Passengers” and “Half the Child”

“Attention All Passengers” brings to light the shortcomings of the airline industry thanks to Bill McGee, a Consumer Reports Travel Journalist who formerly worked in airline flight operations management. The negative trends of quality and safety examined in this book are incredibly relevant as Bill always writes for the fellow traveler. He is a Consumer Reports Travel Journalist and writes with the intention to inform other consumers accurately and unbiasedly. In his book, he calls for change from the airline industry and the FAA as they conspire to make money without paying the price.

Besides his non-fiction work, Bill also followed a passion to write fiction, more recently, with his book “Half the Child.” This book is the first book in many years to note the difficulties of a custody battle from a father’s point of view. Focusing on a father and son relationship, “Half the Child” takes place over four summers as we observe the highs and lows of navigating life during such a difficult time.