Historical Fiction with author Angela Reich

Angela Reich, Ph.D in Literature: Author, Educator, Researcher, the historical fiction SHIPWRECK OF HOPES is her first novel. Reich serves as Docent for the Historic Fire Island Lighthouse, and sails the historic Oyster Sloop Priscilla for the Long Island Maritime Museum. Meticulously researched, SHIPWRECK OF HOPES sweeps the reader from a desolate Fire Island beach in New York to war-ravaged Italy during its 1848 War for Independence. The reader follows prominent American writer MARGARET FULLER as she delves into the danger of that bloody revolution, then on her return voyage from Rome, as her ship, the Elizabeth, comes to grief as it neared N.Y. Harbor. SHIPWRECK OF HOPES reconciles the famous and brilliant MARGARET FULLER with the life of the simple and humble HANNAH OAKS, a lonely Fire Island resident who is the key to the stories of treachery, deception, murder and thievery on the isolated shore where local residents have their own stories to hide. As the novel jump-cuts from Rome’s ravaged streets, to New York’s rugged shore, place time, memory and dream are woven together to tell the stories of MARGARET and HANNAH, who risk everything to take back the own lives.