Meet Carol Hoenig, successful author of “Without Grace”

In this episode of “Once and Future Authors” we talk with the ever successful Carol Hoenig, author of novels and essays, blogger for The Huffington Post, and the President of her own Carol Hoenig Publishing Consultant, Inc. Carol talks about how she first started writing, her many roles in the publishing and literature industries, and how she came about her own method to writing.

Discussing her books, “Without Grace” and “Of Little Faith,” and how they came to be, Carol’s journey to loving writing started young. Because Carol had little access to books growing up, she put her own pen to paper and wrote them herself. This helped pave the way for Carol’s career. Aside from being a writer, she is dedicated to helping people in the literature world, as a publishing consultant, ghostwriter, and by being apart of advisory councils, media groups, and even a literary magazine.

“Without Grace” is a coming-of-age story about a small-town girl named Vicky Finley. Vicky and her family go through the ups and downs of life while learning about the past, how to let go, and how to come together.

“Of Little Faith” takes place in 1960’s Long Island, following Laura, a feminist with a surprising desire. This book shows the difference between the counterculture of the times and how some people want to remain in the past. It is a genuine and inspiring story.