Welcome the QS2 Training and Consulting Team!

On this episode of “Once and Future Authors” we welcome the team from QS2 Training and Consulting. Together we talk about the importance of their book “Something is Different” and their training programs that help coach adults on the best ways to address the children in their care during this time of uncertainty and anxiety.

QS2 Training and Consulting is a wonderful team that aids to educate, assess and improve childcare through programs about childhood development, nutrition and health needs, safety and security, child abuse and maltreatment identification and prevention, relationship care for toddlers and infants, the importance of visual-spatial learning, and much more.

The QS2 Team is highly qualified and has extensive education and training in the field of Early Child Care and Education. They are a passionate group of individuals that truly care to protect and support children and educate the adults and teachers in their lives.

The Child Development Associate, or CDA, has even awarded QS2 with their Gold Standard Award, which emphasizes QS2’s alignment with the CDA coursework, their sensible business policies and practices, and their quality student services.