Welcome True Crime Author Michael Vecchione

In this episode of “The Author Corner” we are joined by Michael Vecchione, former Chief of the Rackets Division in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, turned author! Focusing on the true crime genre, an area he has much expertise in, Michael’s works excite readers with unimaginable stories. Michael discusses how his career as a prosecutor influenced his writing in books like “Crooked Brooklyn” and “Behind the Murder Curtain.”

“Crooked Brooklyn” is a memoir of Michael’s time as a prosecutor and details thrilling stories of corruption, investigations, organized crime, and more!

“Behind the Murder Curtain” describes Special Agent Bruce Sackman’s dealings in the gruesome world of medical serial killers. Telling the true story of how Sackman investigated these killers, brought them to justice, and even implemented his own protocol to stop them in their tracks. “Behind the Murder Curtain” truly grabs readers’ attention with its mind-blowing storyline and details.