From Point A to Point B

It is not easy to make wholesale changes in our lives. Crash diets rarely work long term. We take off weight quickly by drastically changing our food intake in some way. It works great for a while, but eventually we fall off the wagon and gain back the weight we lost and then some. The best way to long-term weight control is to alter our diet in small bites: Gaining control of what we eat in a gradual way so we don’t feel deprived and resent the process. The same is true for all life-altering changes as well. 

When it comes to changing our thinking so we can live in “simple happiness,” the same principle applies. Our goal everyday can be to go from Point A (where we currently are) to Point B (a small improvement over Point A). 

Maybe your goal for the day is to be more appreciative of the good things that are happening in your life rather than taking them for granted. Take notice of your thoughts as you consciously give thanks for your ability to see, hear or speak. This small step and its associated good feelings, may motivate you to be more appreciative that day. 

Maybe the next day your goal is to be compassionate towards others. That thought will help you focus on being kind to those you meet. Notice the good feelings that accompany your effort to be compassionate. Each evening as you spend some quiet time reflecting, you can do a quick mental review of the day’s efforts. You can then set a small performance goal in your mind for the next day. 

It is in the daily awareness of making small positive steps that strong, permanent changes occur. It is in noticing also the good feelings that accompany these small steps that motivates us to do more. Your conscious progress towards happiness becomes a daily focus in your life. Having gone from Point A to Point B today may even give you the feeling of excitement over what may be in store for you as you wake up tomorrow to begin a new Point A in hopes of reaching another Point B.